Tour on the civil registry secretariat in Tabqa city

On a tour of Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces)MCSDF) in the Secretariat of the civil register in Tabqa spoke to us Amina Khalid, joint president of the Civil Register Nation: :

We started work on 29/7/2017, and the number of employees 10, and we as the secretariat of the civil registry, we provide services to citizens under the conditions of (be within the secretariats of liberated areas in addition to those coming from other provinces provided that he has proof of residence and the evidence from 2010 and Before).

For the family personal credentials, people who have lost their identity documents due to war, destruction and loss of identity during displacement are given proofs that they can use them when needed, such as distributing aid.

The certificate of identification many of those who lost their personal proof, by losing it or being evicted from it, are given a certificate of identification provided that they come with proof from the neighborhood council and the civil council and give it a valid notice for one month until it is given a personal card of six months..

To date we have given 406 identification certificates, 840 family cards, 840 marriage contracts, 10 death certificates and (no divorce cases yet) since the opening of the secretariat.

We also suffer from some problems, namely that the brothers displaced from other regions do not give them any official document, and the problem of divorced wives and widows married to a husband from another province also can not give any proof that they belong to the secretariats of the record of that province .



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