Under the auspices of the Syrian Democratic Council, the opening of the first school in Ein Issa camp

Ain Issa school for the residents of the camp was opened on 31/10/2017 under the auspices of the Syrian Democratic Council and in cooperation with the Civil Council and in the presence of a number of social, cultural and intellectual activities and a large number of residents of the camp.

The opening began with a number of words that expressed the importance of education, which was missed by the people of Raqqa for five years and the role of schools in the education of future generations and blessed the people of the camp opening their new school.

Farhan Eissa, a member of the Syrian Democratic Forces Relations Office, made a speech:

“Syrian Democratic Forces are liberated and rebuilt, and construction starts from human beings. Construction starts from this generation of blind eyes to learning, stability and happiness in a promising future away from terrorism and tyranny, away from all the injustices and oppressions suffered by our people, especially our children who are the victims of these murderers. “He said.”

Amani al-Zer, a member of the Women’s House in Ein Issa camp, said:

Congratulations to you, the democratic nation, Congratulations to you, your schools, that ISIS practiced the worst forms of injustice to women and children,

The children of the country were deprived of games, education, songs and music. Now the natural rights of children and women are restored in the shadow of the democratic nation.

At the end of the speeches, the Dabkeh workshops were held and all the participants participated. Students will be received from tomorrow.



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