HomemanshetViolent battles in the Black Stadium surroundings

Violent battles in the Black Stadium surroundings

The campaign to liberate the city of Raqqa continues in the midst of fierce battles between SDF and mercenaries, which have intensified in the vicinity of the Black Stadium, and the mercenaries are being used to maintain it as an important strategic point.

The fighting intensified this afternoon between Syrian Democratic Forces and mercenaries, at Raqqa city center. The most violent was in front of the municipal stadium, known as the “Black Stadium” amid the retreat of the mercenaries and their departure from Farduse Street and gathered them in front of the door of the stadium.

The mercenaries took a protective post from the playground and dug the ground under the door and planted mines. The Syrian Democratic Forces are trying to force the mercenaries out of the field amid shelling by coalition forces around the stadium.

The mercenaries take the municipal stadium because of its strategic importance, where the stadium is located on two main streets as well as the streets of the subnet and through which it is easier for mercenaries to move.



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