Warda: Creativity in poetry writing inspired by suffering

Warda Thalji Al-Ahmad, 35 years old, from Al-Rumaila neighborhood in Raqqa city, grew up in an oriental family that is conservative in customs and traditions. She suffered from poverty, which affected her life and suffering and was a reason for not completing her studies and the emergence of poetry talent.

Warda was missing father love, where her father was in control of the family and he treated her harshly, her brothers and her mother, who suffered a lot of hardship for her children.

Warda learned in elementary and middle school and did not complete her studies, and married and moved to her husband’s house at the age of twenty years, but her husband was not more fortunate than her father in poverty and treated with her continued suffering and even increased after a takeover of Raqqa city and all the treatment treated bad from father to husband and ISIS Finally.

In her youth, Warda loved reading, reading children’s stories and writing poetry in local dialects, but this talent soon grew and developed as a result of the situations she experienced. She became writing in spelling, lamentation and praise.

This is a poem in which she expresses the importance of the mother who offered the most precious thing she has (Shahid):

Congratulations, mother of the bridegroom Congratulations!

No matter how honored we are to you, this is few

Because you have offered to the city of Raqqa, the most expensive

Because you have offered to the city of Raqqa your Shahid son

It is worth noting that SDF liberated Warda with many civilians on the outskirts of the city of Raqqa, and then settled in several areas until she finally reached Ein Issa camp and now lives in the camp with her five children.



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