Meeting at the Women’s House in Al-Hisha village on the occasion of World Day against Violence against Women

A meeting of women from Al-Hisha village and its neighboring villages was held on the occasion of World Day against Violence against Women in the presence of Ilham Al-Omar, a member of the Political Council of the Syrian Democratic Council and Administrative in the Women’s Bureau

Where she talked about the administrative age in the Women’s Office of the Syrian Democratic Council that many think that violence is just physical violence, but there are many types of violence may be more severe beatings and left behind scars not heal as in superficial wounds, but be engraved forever in the soul

Violence also included physical violence, sexual violence, physical sexual violence, verbal harassment, social violence, psychological violence and political violence.

As there are reasons for violence against women, which led to their spread significantly without a deterrent to these aggressors, including:

1-The submission of women to reality and violence against them and the spread of this phenomenon because the aggressor did not find any kind of rejection or resistance to what he does.

  1. Low levels of women’s culture, which leads to insufficient awareness to end violence.
  2. Violence-based education This is reflected in the actions of men and their treatment of women.

4 – discrimination and differentiation between male and female, which is practiced by many under the pretext of customs and traditions, which lead to the marginalization of the role of women and maximize the role of men and make it an active element in society.

  1. Poverty and unemployment.

6 – not to issue international laws to reduce the phenomenon of violence

Ibtisam Arnous, the co-chair of the municipality of Al-Hisha, spoke about the negative effects of violence against women.

  1. Loss of self-esteem

2 – the feeling of women guilt about the work that you do

3 – sense of helplessness, humiliation, frustration and depression

4 – her sense of dependency and dependence on men

5 – disorders in mental health

  1. Loss of sense of initiative in decision-making
  2. Limiting their access to resources

In order to reduce the phenomenon of violence against women, women must be educated and educated culturally and scientifically, and gender and gender equality should be integrated into the building of the society and its work and focus on opening a role to protect it and stand against the aggressors.

The Women’s House wishes all official, non-governmental organizations and the media around the world to promote a culture of eliminating violence against women.



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