39 volunteer teachers open the Hittin Farm School with 1,400 students

A number of volunteer teachers opened the Hittin Primary School on 22/8/2017. The school has about 1,400 students including 500 displaced students from Raqqa and Deir Al-Zour.

In the framework of the civil council’s re-opening campaign, a number of 39 volunteer teachers from the Hittin village and Raqqa opened the Hittin elementary school. The school has about 1,400 students and the number is increasing.

Through previous experiences of volunteer teachers, students are taught to read, write, calculate and rely on simple means of education to advance the generation that has been deprived of education for the past five years of ISIS and other armed elements.

The school lacks basic teaching aids such as books, chairs and boards. However, the volunteer teachers tried to solve these problems by completing the educational process with the available means, where most of the students sit on the floor and use old boards.

Osama Al-Khalaf, one of the students at the school, stressed that the school lacks the minimum educational means and appealed to the Civil Council and humanitarian organizations to help and help the school teachers to improve the learning process.




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