9000 daily packs production of the Shiran bakery in Kobany city

Bakery Shiran village of Kobany was founded in 1991 and the bakery was rehabilitated after an attack on Kobani with the help of the Democratic Administration of the province of Kobany.

Mohamed Ali Saleh, the supervisor of the bakery, said that 10 tons of flour are kneaded daily and produce about 9000 packs a day. 24 workers (women, men and young people) work in the bakery for 20 hours in the form of morning and evening rotation.

Mohammed pointed out that the bread is distributed to the villages through the authorized people in these villages and there are 26 accredited, since the cost of the bundle 90 SP and sold by the accredited 100 SYP and the increase is the fare of delivery of bread to citizens and is fully covered without any need for bakeries outside the village ..

He noted that they suffer from some problems as the quality of the flour provided to them is not as they ask, but in the recent period has been improved quality and quality and became suitable for kneading.

Mohammed appealed for self-rule in the city of Kobany to help them increase the salaries of workers who suffer from low nominal wages.



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