The management of Ain Issa camp establishes a football league

although of all the calamity they have experienced, the hope and follow-up of life has not stopped. The youth of Ein Issa camp start a football league in cooperation with the IRD organization and with the support of the Civil Council and the administration of Ein Issa camp.

  Where IRD established a football field in Ain Issa camp and prepared teams of players and coaches and under the supervision of player Abdel Basset Khalil Alsoma, who trains and supervises the players.

Where Abdul Basset said that he put the idea on the organization that adopted the idea and the management of the camp gave them a piece of land as available, an area of 50 length and 20 meters width and equipped this piece with the necessary equipment.

  He pointed out that the team was selected for each sector of the camp and the management of these teams to manage matches between the teams and then will conduct games outside the camp.

Mr. Ibrahim El Haj Hussein, head of the sport department at IRD, confirmed that the organization, with the support of  Raqqa civil council, has equipped eight teams to play and then sends the winning team to the other camps to conduct matches and all this to support the mental state of the residents.

coach Abdul Basset Alsumah called on all humanitarian organizations and interested in sports and psychological support to help them more broadly for the reconstruction of people, which contributed the forces of darkness in the suffering.



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