Al-Jazra School: The problems we face will not deter us from continuing the educational process

residents of Al-Jazra village, located at the western end of Raqqa city, opened the Al-Jazra School on 25/9/2017 with the efforts of the parents and the volunteer teachers, and with the support of the Education Committee in the Raqqa Civil Council.

Where more than 1200 students were enrolled and the school used the two- periodical system for the number of students enrolled in the school and students are still coming to school more and more day after day.

Where Yahya Abdel Hamid, director of the school carrot that there are problems in the process of education, most importantly the problem of heating and blackboards and broken windows that were burned by refugees who were staying in the school and there is a significant shortage of seats and textbooks, but this shortage does not prevent us from continuing the educational process.

The school suffers from the large number of students of large ages because of their marginalization and drop out of school for more than 5 consecutive years and there is a great difficulty for teachers in the process of sounding that they follow.

This school is considered one of the largest schools in the western Raqqa countryside, which receives about 2500 students and needs more support from the Civil Council than seats, school supplies and maintenance for some parts of the school, so that we can receive as many students as possible.



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