AL-Najm castle tells the story of its steadfastness and resistance

AL-Najm Castle is located on the Euphrates River, an ancient Syrian citadel located in the eastern countryside of Manbij, northeast of Aleppo, in a fertile agricultural area on a hill next to the Euphrates River.

Its location rises from the level of the Euphrates River by about 68 m, and its importance emerged after the victory of the Hamadans in 941 AD, in the battle between the soldiers and the military minister Ben Raik and then ruled by the Fatimids in 970 AD.

The wall of the castle is built of black bricks, which was used on the time of Salah AL-din. At the entrance to the castle there are manuscripts in Arabic that speak of the castle, but we were distorted over time.

The citadel of Najm is one of the largest archaeological castles in Syria, where many forces (Byzantines, Fatimids, Ayyubids, Seljuks, Mamluks, and Znkis) have been known.

The vaulted main hallway leads to the rooms on each side, so that the castle looks like it extends over the sides, as well as an Ioan and a mosque.

After an earthquake struck the northern areas of the Levant, the castle was cracked in its walls and Nur al-Din al-Zanki restored it in the form of a rectangle.

The castle consists of three floors, an underground floor containing warehouses, defense towers and secret passages in addition to the graves of those who inhabited them. The first floor contains the Palace of the Emirate and its annexes consisting of bathrooms, rooms and multiple rooms and fountain with an octagonal inscription, in addition to the market and stables of horses.

The second floor includes the leadership building and the mosque as well as many of the guards above the castle, visited the castle a number of travelers, including Ibn Jubair, Bokok, Sakho, Maundral, Oppenheim and the Queen of Britain Unconditional Grotudel.

When Dahish took control of the Manbij area, the fortress of Najm took place strategically to bomb the positions of the Syrian Democratic forces. The castle was badly damaged. A section of the castle was deformed.

During a tour of  media center to the castle , we met Raoaa AL-Hosho  a girl 10year old,she is daughter of Najm village , which is adjacent to the castle. She is studying second grade because she was deprived of her studies because of the control of a mercenary. She joined the school now and ran the time to compensate for the shortage caused by a mercenary.

Now magnificence works tourist guide, know all about the castle, learned from her father Abdul Hushu guard of Najm castle.

she learned all the details of the history of the castle from its halls until its alley through the escort of her father, and she remembers sadly when her family was displaced from the castle of Najm when  ISIS took control of the region.

It is worth mentioning that the girl magnificence wants to become the manager of the castle when she grow up to know all about the castle.



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