HomemanshetCommunity Protection Forces (HPC) is a security institution in Kobany

Community Protection Forces (HPC) is a security institution in Kobany

The Community Protection Force HPC is a security institution in Kobany formed by a number of women in the city to protect the internal security of the city. The aim of this institution is to educate all individuals to carry weapons and protect themselves and their homes from any external attacks that may affect them in the current circumstances and wars.

The Foundation consists of all segments of the society of youth, women and men, as volunteers volunteer to protect Copany on the one hand and reduce the burden on the internal security forces on the other, a simple institution that helps itself..

On a tour of the media center on the streets of Kubani, we met Yaz and Samira, two citizens of Kobany city, where they talked about the work of the forces of community protection:

“We belong to this institution in order to protect ourselves and protect the people of their cities from any other terrorist acts that may take place in retaliation for the Copani, who defeated the terrorists and still persecutes their remnants in Deir Al-Zour with the support of the Arab brothers and other communities.

We have taken previous lessons, but if the region is safe, we must be careful and terrorism can cross the border and enter Kobany again. We must be awake to maintain security and stability to end the chaos.

We, as women, run shifts on the one hand and run the house on the other. We love Kubani and we love our children. We have to protect them, and our husbands are on the fighting fronts in Deir al-Zour”..

Yaz and Samira appealed to all citizens of Kubani to take part in the initiative and join the Society for the Protection of Society to protect their children, homes and towns and to protect the land that was rotated by the blood of Shahid.



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