Deir Al-Zour Civil Council opens its public center in Jazrat AL- Buhmeed

Deir al-Zour Civil Council opened its general headquarters in Jazrat Buhmeed village  amid the presence of large crowds included a number of political and military events and elders and dignitaries of the Eastern Province.

Among the participants were a delegation from Syrian Democratic Council, a delegation from the General Command of Syrian Democratic Forces, a delegation from the Internal Security Forces, a delegation from the Democratic Union Party, as well as sheikhs of Shu’aytat, al-Auqaidat, al-Bkara and others. Hundreds of villagers attended the liberated villages of Deir al-Zour.

Ghassan Al Yousef delivered a speech welcoming the attendees to the developments and political developments in the region. He noted that the Middle East region in general and Syria in particular are at a critical historical stage and their political map will be drawn again according to the current international and regional changes, adding that Syria will play a pivotal role in determining The future of the region due to its location, “geostrategic” as played in previous historical stages, and that is why the intervention of all regional and global countries in the Syrian conflict.

The Internal Security Forces gave a speech, during which the leader Baseem Ab AL-Latif said :that they pledge the people in Deir al-Zour to be a watchful eye for their security and safety from the abomination of any tyrannical or terrorist regime lying in the region.

He also spoke on the name of the public relations of Syrian Democratic Forces leading the committee Sheikh Hamad Shehadeh blessed the opening of the Council and stressed that “this Council has a special character, it is a voluntary work, not for positions or power, but volunteers with all its potential materially, morally, intellectually and even economically

Following the completion of the speeches, the opening ribbon of Deir Al-Zour civil council was cut by the members of the Council of the Families of  Shahid and the presidential body of the Council.




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