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Distribution of new payments of aid in Ain Issa camp

A number of humanitarian organizations working in the camp today, 22/11/2017, in cooperation with the Department of Ein Issa camp, distributed new batches of assistance to the camp’s displaced persons in light of alleviating some of their suffering, especially as they were approaching the winter.

Ibrahim al-Tayyar, who oversees the distribution process in the Euphrates Organization, said that since yesterday they distributed 200 basket of aid. The basket includes five sponges, five, five pillows, blankets and insulation. Today, they will distribute 143 baskets. The distribution will be overseen by eight employees and five workers. The card of each family that was previously granted by the organization.

Bashar Al-Alou, supervisor of the distribution process at ACTED, confirmed that 250 baskets of detergents were distributed sequentially to each family. The basket includes (tissue, soap detergents, scented tissues, toothbrushes etc.). The distribution is supervised by seven employees and four workers. From the staff through the tour they did in the camp to register the families.



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