Faculty of Education in Raqqa achieved self-sufficiency of teachers for Raqqa

Is one of the first and most important colleges that were established in Raqqa in 2004 along with the Faculty of Arts, Science, Engineering, Agriculture and Pharmacy, and it has played an important role in achieving self-sufficiency of teachers.

 The college is located south of the grain silos in the eastern Religious secondary school. The college includes an information section and a library that will benefit students in reading books and references, preparing their researches and studies, in addition to seven classrooms and laboratories for natural sciences and technologies

The number of students at the beginning of the college’s establishment reached 93 students and graduated for the year 2013-2014 six phase. The number of students increased in the last years to 325 students in the grade teacher and 125 students in the kindergartens department.

When mercenaries of ISIS took control of Raqqa city,They fought all kinds of education and science, especially university students, because they posed a danger in spreading awareness against their inhuman practices of killing and shedding blood..

The students were threatened with death if they continued to study in any field, in addition to forcing them to engage in legitimate courses to establish religious concepts that serve their interests and try to bring them to the ranks of the terrorist organization.

It is worth mentioning that the terrorist organization referred the College of Education to their headquarters in the name of the Education Bureau, which spread extremist ideology, which is not related to Islam. They also burnt the college papers, student files, books and references on the pretext that they were books for infidels. To preserve them from damage, he replied: “These papers are not more important than us and they spread infidelity.”



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