Graduation of the eighth session of the Self-Defense Forces

Today, Shahid Kendel Academy in the province of Kubani graduated the eighth session of the Self-Defense Forces, which included 600 fighters, including 50 fighters from the Officers’ Academy. Both courses continued for 45 days, carrying the name of martyr Azad Abdel Rahman who was killed while participating with liberation campaign in Raqqa.

The ceremony was attended by dozens of Kubani and representatives of the Democratic Self-government, the Democratic Society Movement and civil society organizations.

The graduation ceremony was followed by a minute of silence and then the graduates presented a military parade followed by the performance of the section by the fighters and officers graduating from the course. Afterwards, the joint president of the Defense and Self-Defense Authority Delbrin Kubani blessed the graduation of this course to the people and the families of the martyrs who sacrificed their best to liberate the homeland .

She said”All the living components within the region have reached a stage of knowledge that says society will not have continuity if it does not have its own protection system,” she said.

Delberin promised all the people to protect this area, where hundreds of fighters sacrificed their lives.

The graduation ceremonies concluded with the Dabkeh workshops on the theme of Arabic and Kurdish folk songs.



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