Harvesting of maize continues in rural Raqqa

The maize crop is one of the main crops produced by Syria after wheat and cotton. Raqqa is ranked first in the production of maize.

It is one of the irrigated agricultural crops, which is to be cultivated in the beginning of July and is considered an intensive crop. After the wheat harvest, in late October, harvest begins and continues until the end of November.

The production of maize to 150 thousand tons in 2011, but this production fell to less than half in the past years, which was ruled by the region and the main reason for this decline is the price of fertilizers, where the price of one ton to more than 900 thousand pounds and the exit of large tracts of land For the service to damage the stations and irrigation channels and the migration of its people to escape from the Dahesh.

Today, after liberating the region from mercenaries, the reform of irrigation networks and pumps and the decline in the prices of fertilizers to less than 250,000 pounds per ton, and the financial support of farmers by the Civil Council have helped farmers to restore life and land.

Maize production has returned relatively high and the production has been between 700-1000kg for 1000 meter. as harvest and drying continue.

The maize is used in the production of vegetable oil and is derived from flour in the manufacture of pastries, as a basic material in the manufacture of poultry feed first, sheep, cows and others.



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