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High demand for markets in preparation for the winter

With the onset of the winter cold commercial activity was active in the markets, where Ain Issa town and neighboring villages, a remarkable demand by the people on the markets, especially on shops that trade in warmers and winter clothes.

The institutions, departments, committees and committees that formed the People’s Councils in the villages and towns connect the fuel to the houses, where they give one barrel per family ID and the price of 70. SP per liter.

On a tour of the media center in the market of Ain Issa town, we met with a number of citizens. Saleh Al-Obeid, who came from Al-Droubiya village, said : that this year’s cold was provided early and he had to maintain the old heating to be used this year due to his poor physical condition. Where he received the fuel oil by the Committee in the neighborhood where he lives.

Ahmed Al Hussein, who lives in the town of Ain Issa, says that the heaters are suitable prices and thank the owners of the shops for their good treatment and respect for the conditions of the parents. He also thanked the Civil Council, which provided the fuel oil at subsidized prices.

It is worth mentioning that a number of parents use wood and firewood to heat, they collect wood after the end of the cotton season and this contributes to the provision of some of the heating costs, and contribute to the timber trees to provide warmth for a large number of owners of farms, and wear apparel markets, Winter clothes due to their acceptable prices.


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