HomemanshetISIS mines planted in Raqqa city harvest more civilian lives

ISIS mines planted in Raqqa city harvest more civilian lives

The suffering of the people of Raqqa has not ended with the crimes of the terrorist organization. Here is a mine. There is a bomb. The organization not only destroyed the mines but also planted mines in the neighborhoods, streets, alleys and every entrance and exit in retaliation for the civilians.

Where the brothers Mahmoud Salm AL-Mshahor and Aziz Salem AL-Mshahor for the explosion of a landmine planted in their home in the neighborhood of Rumaila adjacent to the neighborhood of the Mashlab while they entered the house and caused them to hurt badly and lost Aziz one of his feet

Mahmoud talks about the tragedy that he and Aziz, who were assigned to their families and who live in Ein Issa camp, had been told that when they were told to allow the neighborhood to return to him by the camp administration, he immediately went to his city.

He confirmed that the Internal Security Forces prevented them from entering the Rumaila neighborhood because they are still being mined by ISIS. The mines were not yet cleared but he did not listen to the Internal Security Forces and surreptitiously entered his house and his brother when they opened their door, a mine exploded behind the door. They did not wake up from the shock except at Tel Abyad hospital.

As for the mother, who was surprised by this calamity, she shed tears of grief and sorrow, and she did not believe what happened until she went behind them. The Internal Security Forces told her that her children had been taken to Tel Abyad hospital to see what happened.

This is one of the cases suffered by the people of the city of Raqqa who return to their homes due to the remnants of the organization calling the terrorist, which will not end if the coordination and listening to the Internal Security Forces and the concerned parties.




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