Military Applications at the Academy of Shahid Arin

Shahid Arin Academy on 16, November 2017, held a military exercise under the supervision of trainers of the counter-terrorism forces in the town of al-Shuyukh of Kubani province to implement what they had learned theoretically and applied in practice

Where trainees underwent two months of ideological and political lessons and then military exercises to teach how to live military to complete the military course and teach trainees the use of all heavy and light weapons and movements and how to resist and adapt to military conditions to play women’s role in protecting its principles and protect its people and land.

Training was conducted on how to attack, when the point was attacked, received and combed, and then exit and protect some during the withdrawal.

The spirits of female trainees was high. Aveni Manbej from the Arab origins, , assured us of their success. She learned and trained so that she could fight on the fronts and how to protect women’s rights from the political side and free thought. Suppression of women, breaking their dignity and suppressing their rights, and now we have a good knowledge especially after joining the women’s protection forces, and the applications we have done a little ago have been useful to us in addition to the lessons we learned during the course.

And the trainee Nogen Derek from AL-Bab city joined the course because of the injustice prevalent in the region to people, especially women, and stressed that the course was useful, where we learned all the concepts of intellectual and ideological and political and today we applied everything we took in theory, where the morale was high where and I feel able to Break the impossible and achieve all my goals by following the footsteps of the martyrs and the right thought.



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