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Mines of Dahish increase the disaster of three blind children

Imad Awad al-Habash 15 years old, Iyad Awad al-Habash 13 years old, and their sister Aytmad Awwad Habash 17 years old, three children from Al-Mashlaab neighborhood in Raqqa city with a rare disease, an eye retinal disease causing semi-blindness. Their father wanted took them to a safer place than Raqqa city but an oppressive injustice does not allow them to practice their childhood, then a landmine planted by the terrorists exploded on the road, killing their father.

The family went out of Raqqa city  to the banks of the Euphrates to escape from an oppressive of Dahish  in the fifth month of this year. Father Awad Ibrahim Al-Habash, 45 years old, went to fetch drinking water for his children, but Da’ash had planted mines to prevent the citizens from escaping and the mine exploded with the husband and the wife tried to receive the body of her husband for burial However, Dahish refused on the grounds that he was one of the apostates who went to the land of disbelief.

The mother with her three children in Ein Issa camp, sponsored by the camp administration and some humanitarian organizations, and appeals to the humanitarian organizations concerned, who can help to look at the situation of their children with compassion and help. She says that what the Syrian Democratic Forces did for her and her families will never forget because they gave her all possible assistance on her.



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