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Municipality of the people in Mansoura provides services to citizens

The joint presidency of Tabqa Civil Council opened the People’s Assembly in Mansoura Village to provide services to citizens and to identify their problems and requirements.

In a tour of the media center on the village Ibrahim al-Yusuf spoke on the name of the municipality on the reality of the work of the municipality.

The municipality was inaugurated on 15/8/2017 and includes the following offices (the police, finance, social relations, management, Women’s Office). We provided assistance to People’s House. The water department was activated.

The municipality seeks to increase the number of cleaners to include all the neighborhoods of the town, where we have only two tractors and the outpost away from the village 7 km, we need more mechanisms, and we painted sidewalks, and our people the garage and the next week we will open the slaughterhouse..

Al-Yousef noted that there are some difficulties in the absence of sufficient mechanisms to cover the area. Some schools also need to be rehabilitated and coordinated with the Education Committee on this subject.

He added: “We have several projects that we are working on now, namely the sanitation project, the rehabilitation of the Jerusalem preparatory school, the drawing of traditional wall paintings, the installation of two roundabouts, the activation of a park next to the garage, and the assistance of refugees from the villages of Deir al-Zour and the villages of Homs and Hama.

We continue to work to restore the happiness and happiness of the citizens and provide all the assistance they need.



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