HomemanshetMuseum of Raqqa is the best witness to history

Museum of Raqqa is the best witness to history

The popular archaeological museum was opened in the old Saraya building in Raqqa city in 1980. The museum includes the ruins of Raqqa city ,which was previously uncovered. The museum is two stories of the building and at its entrance we find a mosaic plate dating back to the 15th century. In the Raqqa city.

The ground floor of the museum is decorated with paintings of the most important archeological sites in Syria, as well as a special pavilion for ancient monuments and another wing of the Roman and Byzantine ruins with a wing of modern art

The first floor was dedicated to the Arab and Islamic periods, including Raqqa ceramics and the interior decoration of the palaces, which are prominent frescoes, crowns, stone stoneworks and pottery jars, and on the same floor a section on folk traditions in Raqqa city, in which a Bedouin tent was exhibited with all its accessories. Scenes of the manufacture of bread, yarn and horse needs.

The museum witnessed a desolation on the western side and a fire in the back. All the antiquities were stolen from it. It contained more than 6,000 pieces and now it is missing. The plant plate was stolen and is one of the four paintings in the front hall of the museum.

He also destroyed all the statues in which he was found, burned and sold all the pictures and paintings of art and archeology.

Mercenaries have turned the museum into a restaurant, but this proves their backwardness, their delusions and their attempt to obliterate the history and civilization of the society they control.

It is worth mentioning that the culture and art in the province of AL-Jazeera is trying to collect what you can assemble and restore the remains of abandoned and looted monuments.



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