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opening of Wounded House Foundation for the SDF fighters at Tabqa city

Because their wounds are a sacrifice for us and because of the sacrifices they made to live with dignity ,we should have glorified their tournaments and sacrifices. On Saturday, 11/11/2017, in Tabqa city, the opening of a house for the wounded fighters of Syrian Democratic Forces

The opening began with a minute of silence for the souls of Shahid. Later, Siran Sheilak, who was responsible for the wounded fighters in northern Syria, congratulated the opening of the center, which will be a forum for war wounded with their comrades.

Shaar Mohammed the joint chairman of the Executive Board gave a word in which he said”We saw how the fighters are defending the homeland and their efforts have written history. The Earth is covered with blood, and we are proud of all those who sacrificed for liberation. On this basis, we promise them that we will continue their path and wish the speedy recovery of the wounded.

Fatima Rashouh, the joint president of the defense committee, spoke at the beginning of her speech about Shahid ,who sacrificed their pure blood for the sake of our honorable lives. She pointed out that the period of ISIS rule was a black covenant and our fighters were able to fold it into oblivion and congratulated the opening of this center, submitted by our fighters.

Mohammed Ashma, a spokesman for Wounded Foundation, said that they will provide jobs for those who can. The other cases will be held in administrative positions in the office of Shahid’ families, media or archives.

This will provide material assistance every month for the injured.

In addition, several words such as the Economic Committee, the Office of the Families of the Martyrs and the Committee of Culture and Art of the wounded praised the opening of this institution and that they are on the path of shahid.



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