Organization Affairs Office provides support for the citizens and the refugees in Tabqa


In Tabqa city, an office for organizations was opened to facilitate the jobs of the humanitarian organizationss and to examine the situation of the refugees and the people in Tabqa and address thier daily problems.

SDF media center visited the office to inquire about the work process in the office. Sulaiman Omar, the head of organisations affairs office, said that the office was established in 15-5-2017 and the actual start for the office started in 28-5-2017. Omar clarified that the office consists of many subsections such as refugees Affairs Office – office of studies and statistics – office of disabled affairs – office of labours affairs – mines coordinator office – NGOs affairs office.

Sulaiman Omar explaned the work process of each subsection as the following:

NGOs Affairs office register the job applyers and organise thier application according scientific certificates of the applyers or according to thier practical experiences such as writing and electorinic skills, vehicle driving skils etc.. Then employ them according to the requests submitted to office by the applyers.

Refugees affairs office (IDP) register the names and the numbers of the refugees in Tabqa and its countryside, where the number of the refugees reached to 17000 IDP. IDP office also investigated refugees to find out who are the poorest to provide monthly assistance to them by issuing ID cards for them to receive aid and assistance.

Mines Office (IED) searches for IEDs in Tabqa and its countrysides and dismantles them, also dismantling  the improvised explosive devices. In case of any complaint by the citizens about the presence of a mine somewhere, the office heads to the location to make sure about the presence of the mines and dismantle them.

Office of disabled affairs regesters the persons with disabilities in Tabqa and its countryside and classify them according to the disability (physical, mobility, burns, etc.) and provide health services for them through some humanitarian organizations.

“since the start of the office we are trying to provide support for all refugees in Tabqa and its countryside” Omar added. According to Omar that the most prominant organizations who are providing support are the Comunity Support Team, Early Intervention Group, Concern and ERS.

Omar finalized “in spite of the dificalities that faced by our office, the staff of this office do everything they can to overcome the obstacles and the most important of which is the continued flow of refugees from Deir Ezzor to Tabqa and its countryside”

SDF Media Center

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