People’s House in Mansoura and processing the citizens’ complaints

After the liberation of the countryside of the western Raqqa, Tabqa Civil Council formed local councils in these villages, including the opening of the People’s House in Mansoura to relieve the burden of the Council of the class and address citizens’ complaints

Fawaz Mohamed Ali, the joint head of the People’s House in Mansoura, told us about the nature of the services provided by People’s House.

The People’s House was inaugurated in Mansoura on 1/8/2017. It includes five committees: the joint presidency, the reconciliation committee, the agricultural committee, the services committee, the mirror committee.

The conciliation committee resolved several issues, whether agricultural or tribal real estate, and a number of real estate cases were transferred to the Magistrate Court in the class before 22/10/2017.

In the Mansoura countryside, a large number of cases have been solved.

Food aid was distributed on July 15, 2017 by BioNeed and we are sending a mobile clinic that operates three days a week.

We also worked to distribute the fuel oil to the peasants, to reduce the burden on them.

We are now working with little effort and communicating with the People’s House in Tabqa to solve problems of support and some problems that need to be solution.




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