Pharmacy camp between the need of patients and the scarcity of medicines

The camp pharmacy provides medicines to more than 23,000 refugees in Ain Issa camp, and despite the scarcity of medicines, many people help and fill some of their basic medicines.

On a tour of the media center at the camp pharmacy Hassan Mohammed Al Hassan told us:

The most needed drugs are antihypertensive drugs, antibiotics, diarrheal drugs and urinary tract infections, especially the disease currently prevalent in the camp, infectious viral hepatitis but the biggest problem in the camp pharmacy is the acute shortage of drugs..

The pharmacy receives between 400 and 450 cases daily and the required medication is dispensed. If the prescription is not found, the medicines are replaced with alternative medicines and the citizen can replace them in the foreign pharmacies in Ein Issa.

Al Hassan appealed to the humanitarian organizations and the Health Bureau of Raqqa Civil Council to provide the missing and required medicines, and thanked  Syrian Democratic Council and RCC (Raqqa Civil Council), which provides the camp in cooperation with the camp administration.



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