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Raqqa Civil Council holds several meetings with external delegations

Raqqa Civil Council held several meetings yesterday morning with the President of the Stability Support Fund in the liberated areas, the deputies of the International Coalition Forces and a number of guests at his headquarters in the town of Ain Issa.

The meeting was attended by the Presidency of the Civil Council. The Committee for Reconstruction, and a number of elders and dignitaries of Raqqa tribes .

The purpose of the meeting was to support Raqqa Civil Council in general on the ground and to follow up the reconstruction projects as planned, namely, the removal of mines first, and the emphasis on this subject, and then remove the rubble and then maintenance of power stations, water and sewage networks.

For its part, the Civil Council stressed  to communities the need to accelerate the process of mine clearance and then maintenance of irrigation and watering stations because our society is an agricultural society and pastoral society, which in turn contributes to and accelerate reconstruction and stressed the important aspect of interest in schools.

At the end of the meeting, the MP assured the coalition forces that the military forces on the ground will remain supportive of the Syrian Democratic Forces and Internal Security Forces to ensure the security and safety of the citizens in the region.



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