HomemanshetRehabilitation of children through educational courses in Ain Issa camp

Rehabilitation of children through educational courses in Ain Issa camp

Children suffered from a period of fearful and ignorant judgment, and children also suffered from the scourge of war and scenes of fighting and scenes that were presented in public squares and places.

As part of the fight against extremist ideology and the rehabilitation of children,(Save chiledren organization), in collaboration with the Ain Issa camp administration, provided educational, cultural and scientific lessons for children in Ein Issa camp to relieve them of fear and psychological terror through recreational,.

Hamida Abdul Qader, the supervisor of the school, confirmed that they have equipped two tents and each tent with a supervisor and five trainers. The aim is entertainment, where children are taught (sports, graphic arts), as well as intellectual and awareness lessons for many of the dangers they face in society such as mines and sexual violence against children. Lessons aimed at re-touring their children in addition to educational lessons.

Abdul Qadir pointed out that the school includes more than 400 students divided between the tents, ages 5 to 12 years old, starting from 8 am and ending at 12 pm on groups.

Al-Abdullah concluded, and we face great difficulties with the pupils, such as the small number of those who have difficulty with speech and physical disabilities, and that the parents of children help us to get children out of mental problems.



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