HomemanshetRehabilitation of the National Hospital in Al-Kasrat town of in Deir AL-Zour countryside

Rehabilitation of the National Hospital in Al-Kasrat town of in Deir AL-Zour countryside

AL-Kasrat Hospital was opened after being rehabilitated by Deir Al-Zour Civil Council and in cooperation with the Public Relations Office of the Syrian Democratic Forces in the western countryside of Deir Al-Zour

Under the supervision of the Office of Public Relations and the presence of elders the tribes in the eastern region,military leaders, doctors,nurses and residents of the village of Kasrat National Hospital was opened after the hospital was called a field hospital and today has been rehabilitated by nurses, doctors and equipment This hospital is currently hospital to help the people of this region.

Dr. Fadel Mustafa Al-Ali, the hospital’s director, confirmed that the hospital is composed of 35 nurses and 4 doctors. We are ready to receive any emergency cases such as traffic accidents, heart diseases or neurology, and all we can provide but we lack support as medical staff and equipment.

Zakaria Khalid Kharabah, a orderly in the hospital, confirmed that with the help of the public relations office of the Syrian Democratic Forces they were able to re-collect the equipment stolen by the hospital and distributed it on the front lines. The hospital was opened by the doctors of the region and its nurses voluntarily and everyone is ready to receive the emergency cases.



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