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Return of normal life to the Mashbal  neighborhood after the absence of 6 months

The normal life returned to Mashlab, the first neighborhood to which people returned, with a bright smile after a wave of black clouds for 6 months in the sky of this neighborhood

The Services Committee of the Civil Council of the first work in the neighborhood cleaning and removal of earthmounds and lifting the rubble and garbage accumulated in the streets to be transferred out of the city in a dedicated place.

This is a collective action by Raqqa Civil Council and the people of the neighborhood, where parents began to clean rubbish on the sidewalks in a collective spirit, rejoicing in their return to their homes and seeing their neighbors who suffered the bitterness of displacement and now security and peace permeates the whole city.

Ibrahim al-Hassan, head of the reconstruction committee at the Civil Council, said: that when the neighborhood is completed, all the vehicles will be transferred to the center of the city.

He said : that the work will begin after cleaning the mines planted by Dahesh and the rehabilitation of water and electricity networks and sanitation will return to its work as it was before.

  Al-Hassan added that they choose Al-Mashlaab neighborhood because it was not harmed much in the war that took place in the city against Dahesh and all the work of the committee depends on the demining because it is too many and can not work until after its removal.



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