HomemanshetSDF liberated the residential city of AL-Omr oil field

SDF liberated the residential city of AL-Omr oil field

Syrian Democratic Forces liberated the residential city of Al-Omar oilfield from a Dahesh terrorist.

SDF and within Asefat Aljazeera campaign launched a campaign this afternoon on the residential city of AL-Omar oilfield, where the fortifications of groups of terrorists, and therefore the city has seen violent battles and clashes continued until the evening, and the result was able to SDF to liberate all the city from terrorists.

During the clashes in the city, 15 mercenaries were killed and SDF seized some heavy weapons and ammunition left behind by the terrorists.

It is noteworthy that SDF was liberated on October 22, AL-Omar oil field in rural Deir Ezzor, which is the largest oil field in Syria.



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