HomedialogueSDF support ISF in the protection of the Mashbal district

SDF support ISF in the protection of the Mashbal district

The Internal Security Forces (ISF) have taken over their duties in maintaining security in Mashlab district and Raqqa in full cooperation with the Syrian Democratic Forces for the preservation of civilian property

The Internal Security Forces set up checkpoints at the entrances to Raqqa city to prevent civilians from entering the city for safety, and not falling into the mines.

As well as the establishment of checkpoints to inspect cars and civilians entering and exiting the newly arrived Mashlab district and ensure their identity to the safety of the neighborhood and maintain security and safety.

During our meeting with Usama Mohammed Jawwal, one of the members of the Internal Security Forces in al-Mashlab neighborhood, he assured us that their mission is to preserve the safety of civilians and their property that they left behind in their homes until the mines are removed and returned to their homes.

Jawwal stressed that their work will be around the clock and the safety of everyone.



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