HomedialogueSocial Justice in the service of the people in Tabqqa and its villages

Social Justice in the service of the people in Tabqqa and its villages

The Social Justice Bureau was established in Tabqqa city 8/8/2017

It is a judicial institution composed of four bodies (the Prosecution and Investigation Commission, the Court of Justice, the Executing Body, and the Distinguishing Authority). The judges number 16 judges( male and female), all of whom are experienced and competent in law.

The Prosecution and Investigation Commission handles criminal cases, moves public advocacy, and examines citizens’ complaints that arrive directly or through surveillance, organized by the Internal Security Forces, and then refer cases to the Office of Justice..

The Court of Justice shall hear civil, administrative, labor and penal cases and shall issue judgments of the first instance, ie, subject to appeal and appeal to the Authority of Distinguishing.

Distinguishing Authority review the invitation and issue its judgments of the second degree, ie final and final. The case shall be referred to the Execution Authority for its implementation. The Internal Security Force shall be used to enforce the judgments in case the convicted person refuses to accept the court ruling.

Judge Abdul Hamid Al-Nahar, member of the Board of Distinguishing, said that the speed in resolving cases and the collection of rights increased the confidence of the people in the court and the number of cases received by the court increased significantly, forcing judges to work additional hours sometimes..

Moreover, civil disputes are not considered directly in principle, but are referred to the neighborhood council or the People’s Assembly for amicable resolution. When dissolved, they are documented by a conciliatory instrument documented in the records of the justice system.

The neighborhood councils, the role of the People and Women Houses have succeeded in resolving many issues before reaching the court.



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