Tabqa: 850 students taking lessons at the 16 th of October school

Based on the importance of education, especially after the obstruction of more than five years, the Education Committee in Tabqa city open more schools and opened the door wide for students to learn.

Where the Education Committee in cooperation with Tabqa civil Council opened the school of 16 October, which receives students in the primary stage in AL-Massm neighborhood at Tabqa.

principal of the school, Amana al-Faraj, briefed us on the reality of the school and the difficulties facing them:

The school was opened on 17/9/2017 voluntarily by the residents of the neighborhood, and the removal of mines and cleaning the school and the return of some of its stolen content and teachers began to begin voluntarily on 1/10/2017

Where the number of students was 850 students ,450 students in the first grade and the number of classes 14 classrooms and 28 teachers.

There are some difficulties facing us, such as windows and heating, where the winter began, and the nature of the acceptance of students to the school after a break of five years, especially the first row and the second, and we decorated the walls of the school.



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