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Tabqa city firefighting regiment has great efforts and modest possibilities

The role of the firefighters is not different from the role of the fighters on the fronts or the role of doctors and teachers. All of them are heroes and each has an important role in building society and with the integration of these roles the society becomes stronger and more cohesive and coherent in the face of the challenges and difficulties that impede the movement of progress in society.

Where the fire brigade has played an important role in the past and present. They are the heroes who struggle to save people’s lives from fires, drowning, or otherwise. During the reign Tabqa city and during their liberation, they did not cease to perform their duty despite all the difficulties they faced, Where they were racing to help the city’s wounded and lift them out of the rubble of destroyed buildings.

Where Ismail Almabrouk, director of the fire brigade in Tabqa city that the men of the children stood in the face of mercenaries, who urged those who tried to use fire engines to escape from the city during the liberation but were unable to do so thanks to the resistance of firefighters and divided the regiment to the northern and southern parts and each of them in turn to help people And maintenance of vehicles and firefighting equipment.

But we suffer from difficulties, the most important of which is a shortage of fire extinguishers, the number of cars, the disruption of others, the damage caused by the construction of the war, and the lack of support provided to the fire brigade make our work very difficult.

In spite of all this, the fire brigade continues to work on a daily basis, offering assistance and assistance to the people and playing their heroic role in saving the lives of others without tirelessness to complete the process of building in a united democratic society.



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