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 Tabqa electricity has few possibilities in the face of great difficulties

Electricity is a vital component of all countries because it is important in lighting roads, houses and service structures from official departments, cities and governorates.

Tabqa city, which was the power of a number of the provinces of Syria now return to illuminate itself and surrounding villages and provinces.

Asaad Al-Najrs, the joint head of the Electricity Directorate of Tabqa in a tour with him in the Directorate, told us: “We started work immediately after the liberation for the maintenance of the dams. We have only two cranes and 58 workers working in various fields in the dam.

At the beginning of our work, we carried out a service line from the Tishreen dam to the Euphrates dam and the Ayed water pumps to supply the city with drinking water. We have branches of our electricity committee in Swedish, Jrania, Mansoura and Salhabiya, and in cooperation with the people, voluntary efforts and repair of damage to the electricity network in these villages .

As for the city, there are many broken lines and a number of the 22 lost transformers that have been stolen, and now we are suffering from a shortage of cables and transformers and the lack of support provided because since 2011 there has been no maintenance of networks inside the city which makes it very bad. Note that the electrical network must be re-maintenance every two years

In although  of the weakness of the possibilities and all these difficulties, we expect within a month that the electricity grid will be ready within Tabqa city, and the areas that were fed from the power station in Raqqa city will be linked to the areas that feed directly from the dam to reach all citizens everywhere in liberated territory “.




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