HomedialogueTabqa health care center continues to provide services to citizens

Tabqa health care center continues to provide services to citizens

AL- Tabqa city is witnessing a further development in all social, economic, commercial and service areas in the light of the development witnessed in the rural area of Raqqa since its liberation by the Syrian Democratic Forces.

The center of health care in Tabqa city has been increasing since its opening early last month and receives the center residents of the city and its countryside as well as citizens displaced from their areas because of the war

The center provides free services to all citizens and includes services (children’s clinic, internal clinic, emergency room, and a midwife to treat women’s cases).

  The number of patients who visit the center varies from day to day. Sometimes, the pediatrician receives 100 cases a day, sometimes 50 cases or less. My internal physicians receive between 25 and 40 cases a day. The emergency room receives urgent emergency cases such as traffic accidents, burns and droughts.

Where Dr. Faris Sweden that most of the cases of the Center’s diseases are upper respiratory tract diseases such as bronchitis, cirrhosis and gastrointestinal diseases such as stomach cramping, inflammation of the colon and chronic diseases such as heart and liver disease

Sweden pointed out that doctors and nurses in the health care center are exerting their efforts to provide health services to citizens and sometimes they have to work overtime because of overcrowding at some times.



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