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The ancient mosque in Raqqa city is a myth of steadfastness through history

The construction of the ancient mosque(Al-Jama Al-Qadeem) in Raqqa city is related to the date of the construction of the Rafiqah in the era of Abu Ja’far al-Mansur in 772 AD.

The mosque is a rectangular courtyard with a width of 92 m. It is the length of the dome wall. It is 108.10 meters long. It is surrounded by two walls of clay, which is covered by a half-circular tower. Each angle has a tower. The tower has 20 towers. The minaret is built in the twelfth century. similar to the minarets of Ja’bar and Miskana.

The entire mosque was built except for the minaret in the era of Al-Mansur and was mentioned by al-Maqdisi and said: “It is amazing mosque ” and that his place in the goldsmith market.

In the era of Nur al-Din Mahmud bin Zanki mosque was restored and the minaret was built under the supervision of his brother Maodod governor of Raqqa from 1167 to 1171 and as a result of exploration in 1986, the following specifications were confirmed:

The area of the courtyard is 7033.53 m 2 and its dimensions from south to north 75.70 m and from east to west 92.90 m.

The floor of the courtyard is covered with grilled limestone slabs. The courtyard is surrounded by galleries from its three sides, except the southern side, which is adjacent to the gallery. The corridors were erected in the form of parallel grooves for each gallery.

When Raqqa city fell into the hands of the terrorists, they began to dig tunnels under it and take it from the dust of the mosque to create dirt screens on the four sides of the old mosque.

As the Syrian Democratic Forces approached the ancient mosque, three families of civilians were burned by ISIS at the Old Mosque because they refused to go with mercenaries, calling to the depth of the city and burning them with their cars .

It is worth mentioning that the old mosque despite the fierce battles that took place around it remained steadfast for this moment and there was no destruction in it.




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