The camp market provides needs of the displaced and job opportunities

A number of residents of Ain Issa camp opened a number of shops for the sale of vegetables, clothes and food items. These shops were transformed into a large market that serves some 26,000 displaced people.

This market provided the camp residents with the long distance they had to meet their daily needs, provided job opportunities for a number of displaced people, and provided income to many families who lost their homes and livelihoods.

On a tour of the media center on the market, we saw the market situation and met a number of shop owners and a number of customers.

Hamadou Darwish owner of Basta(Sale of goods on public sidewalk) for the sale of vegetables and fruits, saying:

I have been working in this shopfor months, and the market consisted of a small number of shops until it grew and became a large market to receive a large number of displaced residents and provide most of their daily needs, and I bring vegetables and fruits from the city of Manbaj and price does not differ from prices outside the camp.

Reem Mohammed Ramadan from the camp residents confirmed that the goods inside the camp make it impossible for us to go long distances to buy our needs. There are a variety of prices, many of which are cheaper than abroad and with the high prices of some people with weak souls who want to exploit our situation.




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