The Clock square in Raqqa is a witness to brutal executions

The Clock(AL-Sauaa) in Raqqa was like the hearts of the people of Raqqa with joy and happiness. Despite its continuous work to organize people’s times on a daily basis, it was when the announcer announced that a heavy work day had ended, people were living it as if they possessed the spirit

The clock square which was not long ago a place for people to entertain themselves because of the location of the strategic clock in the city where the end point of Tel Abyad street, main street in the city and the beginning of Alqoutli Street towards the Wall to the east, and the presence of several government buildings next to him as director of education and mail(AL-Breed) overlooking the scene.

With the start of the revolution in Raqqa was the first participants, where included in the courtyard of thousands of young people of Raqqa and in its arms fell the first Shahid in Raqqa Ali Babensi, who was the last of his observations( The Clock) of Raqqa before he died.

With the control of the armed factions on Raqqa, The clock witnessed what they were doing against the people on a daily basis, especially after the ISIS terrorist organization took control of Raqqa city. The clock was the first witness on the first crimes. The terrorist organization killed the young man Muhammad on the Western Wall. A real process of punishment for the same The Clock, where the organization of the destruction of two statues symbolizing freedom at the top of the clock building.

Later, the roundabout became a full scene of killings, intimidation, beheadings and a lot of flogging for the citizens of Raqqa and other cities. When the Clock ticks, people start to fear as if a declaration of a killing will take place.

The clock stopped without warning about the work after it was subjected to a lot of vandalism and destruction in support of the people of tenderness in their griefs parked at seven o’clock ten minutes and almost this time was a lot of killings by ISIS.



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