The gradual return of life to mashlab, Tayyar and Jazra neighborhoods in Raqqa

A number of organizations are rehabilitating neighborhoods in Raqqa city in cooperation with Raqqa Civil Council, which officially receive the three neighborhoods (Al-Mashlab, Al-Tayyar and Al-Jazra) to a civilian from the Syrian Democratic Forces.

Where Médecins Sans Frontières is working to secure drinking water for the three neighborhoods to which the civilians have returned until water systems have been rehabilitated .

The residents of the neighborhoods confirmed that life is gradually returning thanks to the administration of the Civil Council, which provides a lot of assistance for the rehabilitation of neighborhoods and the return of normal life

In addition to the Internal Security Forces (ISF), which works side by side with the Civil Council to secure the neighborhood and preserve the property of civilians who have not yet returned, in addition to securing neighborhoods.


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