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The health committee in Tabqa city controls the amount of awful meat

The People’s Assembly in Tabqa city continues to provide services to the citizens in the city and seeks to exert more efforts to improve the quality of services it provides to solve all the problems suffered by citizens

In this context, the municipal offices have developed their work to cope with the increasing development in the city

Especially the Health Committee of the People’s Assembly because of their important role in maintaining public health and controlling markets.

During a tour of the health committee in the city, after inspection, a quantity of awful meat was seized by a person who opened an unlicensed slaughterhouse and supplies the shops with awful meat. The Health Committee, in collaboration with the police office, immediately smelled the shop and confiscated all 12 meat, She was sick when she was slaughtered, and Paradise destroyed the meat in the way of burning.

The shop owner was referred to the Justice Department in the city of the class to take appropriate legal action against him.

The head of the Health Committee Mohammed Al-Khalaf that the Health Committee and the Office of the police are conducting daily tours of the markets and shops to control prices and corrupt materials and follow-up matters of citizens.




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