The Kurdish Red Crescent Hospital in Kubani: receives more than 950 patients per month

The Kurdish Red Crescent Hospital in Kubani The most important medical center specialized in obstetrics, was opened by the German Ayqur Foundation 15/9/2016 The hospital was handed over to the Kurdish Red Crescent

Where the women’s hospital built a mud-brick city of Kobany and raw materials available and participated in the construction of more than 40 women.

The hospital administration is supervised by Dr. Na’san Ahmed and Dr. Aziza Ibrahim. The staff consists of 50 workers, including six midwives, three doctors, three in the pharmacy department, the incubators section and six nurses.

The hospital operates throughout the day and the system of shifts, where alternating three shifts in the hospital and provides the hospital services free of charge and fully with medicines and divide the hospital to:

1- major operations room (1)

2- operations room (1)

3- labor room (generating room) number (2)

4-indoor room number (1)

5-Ambulance number (1)

6- pharmacy Number (1)

7-pharmacy number (1)

In addition to the recovery room, the post-operative room and the six-room patient rooms, the total number of hospital staff and guards is about 60.

Patients from all regions of northern Syria are received unconditionally and receive daily from 35 to 50 patients.

In October, 978 reviews were received, including physical examinations, births, caesarean sections and other reviews. In addition, 466 laboratory tests were carried out in the hospital, and there were 42 children in the nursery.

Dr. Na’san Ahmed said that as a hospital director, he suffers from a lack of necessary medical equipment and equipment “We do not have modern equipment and we do not have a bank of blood. This is the second biggest problem in the region, not only in this hospital. This hospital is the only in the region, which works free of charge with the provision of all medicines where people from all regions of northern Syria and even from the city of Raqqa, Dair AL-Zour, Manbaj and Tabaqa and all areas near and far..

We hope the responsible and supportive of the project to support the poor and humanity to establish points in remote areas to reduce the burden on us and to avoid the dangers of deaths due to delays in their ambulance.



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