HomedialogueThe popular markets (Bazaar) is a destination for many citizens in rural Raqqa

The popular markets (Bazaar) is a destination for many citizens in rural Raqqa

In recent years, the phenomenon of popular markets has spread in various places in rural areas and on specific days, as alternative markets for the city’s market, so that all people have access to them in various areas

Where it is organized with known areas and different places of rural Raqqa so close to the people in their villages and towns, and the most famous markets Tishreen village, Mansoura, Rashid, Sikoura, Mahmudli and Karnieh and AL-Karama  village.

These markets are divided into several sections next to each other. The most important sections are the vegetable department, the clothing department, the livestock market, the home appliances department, and the children’s games section.

The sale at affordable prices is cheaper than the prices of the city markets, and meets the needs of all people, where there are new and used clothes.

People in these markets find an opportunity for trade between the people of the remote areas and rural areas, and these markets relieve the pressure on the main markets currently located in Tabqa city and Tel-Abyad city.

It is worth mentioning that the movement of buying and selling in such markets is linked to the prices of sheep, the more the demand for sheep, the greater the movement in the market and the less demand the sales movement.


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