The preparatory committee in RCC hold a meeting with tribal sheikhs

The second preparatory committee in Raqqa Civil Council (RCC) held a meeting on 8-11-2017 with the tribal sheikhs in the governorate of Raqqa , to form the executive and legislative council as a preparation for the work in Raqqa, based on the article contained in the founding statement of the Civil Council, which clearly states the restructuring of the council after liberating Raqqa from ISIS terrorists.

A committe was formed from several personalities, including members from RCC to implement this item.

The meeting discussed several ideas, one of the ideas was to establish an executive committee affiliated to the civil council of Raqqa and this committee acts as the actual government of Raqqa.all the members in this committee will also seek for characters and symbols from Raqqa and rely on technocratic personality of teachers, engineers, doctors technicians .etc..

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