release of 35 elements who were tricked by ISIS in Ain Issa

At the initiative of Civil  Council of Raqqa and elders and sheikhs of the tribes in the city of Raqqa, the Syrian Democratic Forces and the Syrian Democratic Council responded to the initiative aimed at releasing the imprisoned associates of Da’ash and those who tricked them after the competent authorities completed their investigation of the reasons for their affiliation crimes, and today 11/11/2017 handed over 35 elements released to the local council and the elders of the tribes, who ensured that they do not return to the path of darkness, and were released.

And attended the process of releasing a number of political and military leaders and a number of elders and dignitaries of Raqqa tribes , and delivered a number of words addressed to those released urging them to start a new life away from the obscene ideas of ISIS.

Where Sheikh Obeid Khalaf al-Hassan, one of the elders of the tribes of Raqqa, a speech to these prisoners said: You are now free and moved from the life of injustice and slavery to the life of light and freedom and I wish you to forget the ideas planted by your mind and you practiced and we hope that this is not repeated again From all of you and welcome to the democratic Syria..

Omar Aloush, member of external relations in Civil Council of Raqqa, confirmed that the Council has an ambitious project aimed at rehabilitating life in the province of Raqqa and its children. You have been given a second chance in life to serve your country..

Ayman Ismael, a resident of Hammam al-Turkman, located south of Tel-Abyad, was born in 1999 and was a member of the Islamic police in the city of Raqqa. Two months before the liberation of the city, he escaped from Raqqa and turned himself in to the Syrian Democratic forces.



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