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Tour of  Raqqa Civil Council to Mansoura town

A delegation from Raqqa Civil Council  toured the town of Mansoura in the western Raqqa countryside to see the reality of life and listen to complaints and concerns of citizens

The delegation consisted of Omar Alloush, head of the relations office at the Civil Council, Ibrahim Al Faraj, member of the security committee, and Abdullah Al-Arian, member of the Civil Council. The meeting was held in the town’s addresse in the presence of a number of local dignitaries and elders

Where the people  talked about the problems facing them, including ISIS houses and Kominat and the problems of bread and fuel and the problem of rumors of handing over the class and Mansoura of the system and other problems.

After that, Omar Alloush spoke to the people of Mansoura to liberate the city of Raqqa and stressed that the establishment of the Civil Council was not free and the liberation of Raqqa city  was collective. The international community and the donor countries provided logistical and material support to the people of Raqqa.

As for the regime, Alloush asserted that the areas liberated by the Syrian Democratic Forces were not and will not be handed over to the regime. We fought ISIS and the Syrian Democratic Forces will not dispense with any inch or piece of soil from this land, and we assure our people that no one will hand over Raqqa to the regime.

At the end of the meeting, the delegation promised to solve all the problems. The delegation called on Mansoura residents to work together to build a model town that serves all citizens.



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