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Women’s House: Solve 500 cases by mutual consent in Tabqa  city

Women are an inseparable part of society and a major component of society, but beyond that of being the most important among its components. The stability and advancement of society depends directly on women.

From this point, the Women’s Council in Tabqa city met all the requirements of women because of the injustice suffered and the violation of their rights during the rule of the oppressive darkness and now become equal with men in all areas of life.

Anoud Haj Hassan, director of the Women’s House Council in Tabqa and its countryside told us about the reality of work in the Council:

The Council was formed on 19/7/2017 and we solved many minor issues and outstanding problems among the citizens, and 500 cases of general problems (divorce – quarrels ).

And we have several committees in several areas of the Council are (Mansoura, Hneida, Mahmudli, Ja’bar, Jurniyah, Ratla, Akirishi).

Haji Hassan pointed out that they conducted a study of the status of women during the rule of the dhash was 80% of the cases are violence against them.

Haji Hassan noted that the concept of women is thought, and there are rights of men to women in terms of equality and respect. They conducted awareness sessions on the concept of women.



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