Zahra :Talent from the womb of suffering

Zahra Sheikha, born in 1983 in Sheeran village of Kobani, suffers from severe blindness. She lives with her younger sister, Fatima, who suffers from the same disease. Zahra did not stop when she was disabled, but insisted on following life. She learned to play bezek(A small musical instrument resembling a lute) and folk ,national  songs.

Where she was accompanied by her mother, who was meeting with the women of the village to make carpets, and listened to the popular songs, she loved the singing and saved a lot of popular and national songs were Sing it by women’s sessions.

After learning the songs, Zahra had a great desire to learn to play Bezek, especially since her brother had one and was good at playing. At first Zahra’s brother did not want to teach her that she was blind, but her insistence on her and her strong desire enabled her to convince him and learn to play.

After a while, Zahra began to participate in national celebration, such as the Women’s Day and the National Press Day in the areas of Kobany city, where they were secretly celebrating in order not to be arrested by the Syrian regime.

Zahra began to love her nationalism through national songs. During her life she encountered many difficulties in all aspects. Despite her handicap, she was telling herself:

I will distinguish myself because there are many like me, but Allah gave me a voice and a mind that increased my desire to progress and help others also by playing and singing and show my talent to the world “

  During a provocative attack on Kubani city, Zahra composed and composed a revolutionary song about Kubani. The song included words about youth resistance to global terrorism, and now she is writing a song about the country: ” No life without home,”.

It is worth mentioning that the parents of Zahra and Fatima died and became their only brother to care for them. Their living conditions are difficult because of the lack of jobs and difficult living conditions. Zahra sends a message to the humanitarian and international organizations to help them.



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