45 judges join justice committees after receiving training course

On the basis of the principle of Syria for all and for all the Syrians, the Martyr Rojbin Arab Academy graduated in Tel-Marof, in Al-Hasakah, a training course that included 45 judges, who received intellectual and legal lectures on social justice and its importance under the leadership of the state and society.

The training course started on 10/10/2017 and lasted for 45 days. The course included trainees from all regions in northern Syria and from all components of the society. This course is the first of this kind, which was in Arabic.

During the course, the trainees received lectures on political, intellectual and legal issues on social justice and their importance in the leadership of the state and society. The trainees also received lectures on authoritarian masculinity in addition to correct some misconceptions.

The graduates have promised to be worthy of their mission. They also thanked Syrian Democratic Forces for liberating the land and human beings. The fighters were the bridges through which we passed the darkness and the ignorance that daesh tried to impose, to the security and safety.

Khalid Al-Ahmad, one of the graduates of the course, stressed that this type of course is capable of promoting the Syrian north to the highest level of progress.


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